Sunday, February 14, 2010

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Find an affordable moving company online and the best local movers with Affordable Moving Company .com where every moving company has passed a stringent criteria before listing as a service provider. Find the best moving companies and stay away from moving scams with licensed, bonded and insured movers.

The moving scam is one of the most devious and destructive of all scams with a person or family facing the loss of all their possessions held hostage by rogue movers. The moving scam is not new to the industry or the internet and finding a mover online can be difficult but rest assured there are still good movers left.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

top relocation services

these guys are a poart of the team usa movers network. they used to all work together

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Arizona Is ‘Ground Zero’ For Moving Scams

Arizona Is ‘Ground Zero’ For Moving Scams

I dont know how accurate that is but looks like everyone is having issues with this scam

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ScamSafe: How to avoid or deal with a moving scam

ScamSafe: How to avoid or deal with a moving scam

Here are some great tips on avoiding a moving scam company

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Moving Brokers are crooks you don't need them

These moving scam guys are still at it. team usa moving company has a horrible reputation at the better business burue or the

they also are a blacklisted moving company that provides horrible services. they aint nothign more but middle men who take the deposit anf then try to find you a moving company.

Team USA Moving is a scam mover that will rip you off good every chance they get.

They got this smart as fucker named Shain who called my wife a dumb bitch. She may not be Einstine but she is my old lady. I'm th only won what calls her dumb ass.

I want to drive to Florida and kick some ass. I heard these boys like to drink a lot. the guy in charge is named Stephen P. Smith. They say he calls himseld Chad. The say he uses his brother names. This guy is a realtor named Chad Smith. This is Stephen Smiths brother.

I also heard the got friends at another scam moving company called Top Relocation Services Inc. Its supposed to be a second company they opened to try and get away from the bad name but it went with them. Top Relocation has a horrible reputation too. Seems they are all moving brokers and not really movers. They dont move anything at all.

Moving brokers are the worst because they charge you to find a moving company when thats what you had thought you did. You have to be careful on the web. Some site are moving brokers and they are not good. But also some sites are just directories. This guy advertises Free Moving Quotes and the website offers Relocation Services they both are moving directories. They advertise for other moving companies. Real movers list their company with these directories and when you send them your request they find a mover for you. That seems more honest to me than what Team usa movers did to me. I thought I was hiring a profesional moving company but instead they went and hired a pack a idiots to move my stuff in a uhual moving truck. It was plain crazy.

If I went to a website and they told me they would find the right mover for me I wouldpay to get good service but what team mvoers id was wrong and they should be stopped. teamusa moving company is a scam and they robbed my family. They are a moving brokers and they do not mvoe you. You can find a moving company on the internet by yourself or with a website that finds movers for you but you don't need a moving broker. Try a movers directory like this one instead.

smitty is shitty they say his ass is gay

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What to do about Team usa next?

Well I'm back for another post on this moving company nightmare. So after my troubles I find these people have scammed before. I have tried to track down some of these people but its hard to get to them. I went over to the other moving scam websites and posted in there some but I felt uncomfortable over there. To much hate and what not. I think I would rather just shit out my mouth for awhile and see what happens with this moving company scam blog.

me again

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Moving Company Scams

I am setting up this blog to post my thoughts on moving companies like Team USA moving company. I am in the military and was forced to leave my wife to deal with finding a moving company. She went online and did a google search for "cheap moving companies". I guess we assumed that the lowest price was the way to go. Man was I wrong. She found a company called Team USA moving located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. We should have done some research because it's easy to find out what a scam moving company these people are. They are a moving broker which means all they do is take your money and dump you in the lap of some unsuspecting mover. Team USA used horrible math to come up with some lowball price for our move and convinced my wife to give them a deposit. We needed to be out of our house by the end of the month. Team USA movers said they would be at our house before the 26th. They showed up on the 29th with half a truck full of someone elses stuff and only two guys to load a 4 bedroom house. They being some other company that Team USA subcontracted to. My brother in law had to get a friend of his to help the guys because they had been driving for two days with no sleep (can you say scary). After a horrible day of packing and repacking stuff they realized another truck was needed and actually had to rent one for them. They got everything loaded and on the trucks. the two drivers took off in the two trucks with no one to back them up in cab. They promised they would get plenty of sleep but my wife knew they lied. She found a bottle of Ephedra pills in the bathroom that were not ours. They drove our stuff across state lines pretty fast. I guess they were in a rush to get the other peoples stuff delivered. Most of our stuff arrived intact but getting it in the new home was another story. The dumbest one of the two movers we had dropped my dining room table top in the living room and shattered glass everywhere. The fat one sat on my wifes wicker chair and crushed it like a straw hat. They scraped and scratched just about everything you can imagine including the hallway walls in my new house. As they were moving stuff in they claimed that we were way overloaded and we would need to pay more to get our stuff fully unloaded. My wife argued that we rented the damn truck but they told her some crap about weight stations and additional fines they paid. She was tired of fighting them and since they refused to finish the job she was forced to pay them another $1000 on the bill. That's after they had dinner at our home, slept in our garage and asked my new neighbor for a beer. Can you believe these people? We're trying to get our stuff replaced but its a hassle not worth fighting for.

If you are a victim of a moving scam you can visit this websitee and they will help you with getting back at the scum that ripped you off.

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